Bang & Olufsen - Home Cinema Systems

Creating the perfect cinema experience in your home

To hear is to believe. Because when played right, sound has the incredible ability to transport you from your living room, to a packed stadium, to the bottom of the ocean - or to a galaxy far, far away.


Improving the home cinema experience

Discover the advantage of switching to a Beovision TV through the amazing speakers and the possibility to create your own home cinema experience. Your possibilities are endless and the experience is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.

The Bang & Olufsen Cinematic Experience

Bang & Olufsen is different from most brands because it designs its products to work together as an integrated system. Like the digital sound processor inside a Beovision TV, which 'knows' the exact capabilities of all the other products in the room. This allows your TV to automatically optimize sound distribution - not only based on your setup, but also based on your room and listening positions and content. In this way, you can enjoy a music system, a TV and a home theater system; all in one package.


Sound that makes you feel like you're there

The home cinema experience begins with authentic, powerful sound that takes you right into the stands, with thousands of adoring fans or behind the wheel of the car in a race. When you hear perfectly what is happening there, you feel like you are there.


The freedom to improve your system over time

When choosing home theater speakers, choose quality over quantity. Bang & Olufsen Beolab speakers will bring you decades of enjoyment, giving you the option to expand your system over time. Rest assured, your experience will be stellar from day one for both movies and music.


Choose the style that suits your home

Speakers and TVs from Bang & Olufsen allow you to customize the look by choosing your favorite materials and color palettes. You can even integrate them into your smart home system for a perfect experience.


Decorate your space with beautiful sound

Bang & Olufsen home theater products are built to deliver years of unmatched performance. This long-term commitment requires durable designs that retain their visual appeal despite changing interior trends and styles. Bang & Olufsen's answer is the same as always: Originality and authenticity.


Geoff Martin

“At Bang & Olufsen, we are committed to providing you with authentic cinematic experiences that are true to the filmmakers' intentions. So we're doing everything we can to make sure you see and hear everything you were meant to hear."


Bang & Olufsen, drawing on nearly a century of sound innovation, can offer a range of speakers and TVs that blend seamlessly together. Together, they form an incredible system with a unique ability to adapt to your lifestyle. Whether you're watching a movie on the couch, watching the news at the table, or simply listening to music, you'll always get optimal performance.


It widens the scene and expands the experience

Your home theater experience is enhanced with each set of speakers you add, easy to install. Beolab active speakers connect directly to your Beovision TV wired or wirelessly and without the need for a standalone receiver or amplifier. With smart features like Active Room Compensation, Beam Width Control and Acoustic lens technology, it's never a problem if the couch or speakers aren't placed in the perfect spot - you're still guaranteed sublime surround sound performance.


Superpowers included

A Beovision TV is designed for superior acoustic performance. Its powerful 3-channel speakers deliver impressive stereo performance and clear speech reproduction. In a surround setup, built-in bass management ensures that demanding low frequencies are always sent to the most capable speakers. And thanks to True Image technology, the sound is automatically upmixed or downmixed to the number of speakers in use at any given time.


For all the ways you enjoy sound at home

Your Bang & Olufsen home theater system offers much more than exceptional cinema experiences from your living room sofa. Maybe you want to know the news from the dining room. In this situation, the TV screen automatically turns towards you and activates the two nearest speakers. Music playback: choose your playlist and enjoy your songs from the loudest speakers. The possibilities are endless.


Smart home alive

With Bang & Olufsen, you can integrate your home theater system with the rest of your smart home technology for a seamless experience that enhances your everyday life in subtle and luxurious ways. Such as operating the smart home system with Beoremote One. Or using your home control panel to control your Bang & Olufsen products. Turn the TV to your favorite seating area and optimize the surround sound for your viewing position - all with one press of the Beoremote One.

Design your experience

There is a unique Bang & Olufsen solution for every home. These three examples illustrate how different your Bang & Olufsen cinema experience can be.


Discover the details

The Beovision TV is the cornerstone of your home cinema experience. Thanks to the integrated 3-channel stereo setup, you'll enjoy clear dialogue and surprisingly rich stereo performance from a single TV. Beovision Harmony is available in different sizes.


Experience the drama and scale

Think of a live concert. The clear voice of the singer hits you, while the sound of the instruments will fill the whole room. By adding a set of front speakers, your TV. Beovision becomes a central channel, instantly expanding the soundstage beyond the screen for an even greater experience.


Looks like you're there

If you want an authentic cinema experience, having front and side speakers is the only way. This is when you hear the audience behind you, the crowd cheering, or physically feel the car pass you. It's the spectacular feeling of "being there" - right in your living room.


Sound worth seeing

Bang & Olufsen's design-driven ethos is as old as their audio heritage, when they developed their first cinema audio system in the late 1920s. Making products that last for years, often decades, design and craftsmanship become as important as performance. It only takes a quick look to understand the level of care and attention that goes into every Bang & Olufsen product. The look, often closer to classic furniture than cutting edge technology. Genuine, pleasant and exclusive materials, often allowing you to select their appearance.