Return policy

Any product purchased from our website can be returned within 30 days of being delivered by courier.

If you decide to return a product purchased from us, send us an e-mail at and we will gladly help you. In order to identify your order more easily, please specify the name under which the order was made and the product in question.

The transport will be covered by you, but if you want, you can use our courier contract.

We will send the courier to you and you will enjoy our shipping rates. At the end, we will deduct the shipping cost from the returned amount.

If you return a product purchased from us, it must also be returned with any gifts received with the item in question.

If you received bonus points when purchasing that good, those points will be canceled from your account. If the bonus points have already been used, we will deduct that amount from the returned amount.

Accessories (user manuals, CDs, cables, etc.) in the product box must also be returned.

The returned product must be properly packaged and protected (no labels stuck on it, no cuts, tears, etc.).

If the product is returned in a condition in which it can no longer be sold as a resealed product, as a result of its handling, different from what is necessary to determine its nature, characteristics and functioning (for example: missing accessories, the product is damaged, stained, scratched, bumped, bent, cracked, etc.), we reserve the right to request a fee to cover the costs of sanitizing, beautifying, repairing, replacing any damaged or missing parts and bringing them to a commercial form for sale as a product resealed.

We will inform you of this fee when we receive the returned products.

For in-ear headphones, we will make an extra effort to sanitize them so that we can give them to another customer to enjoy. Therefore, for any returned and unsealed in-ear headphones, we will charge a fee of 50 lei for its sanitization, regardless of the condition in which the respective headphones are.

If you do not agree with the above fees, you can ask for the product to be re-shipped.

Are there any goods sold by Audio Monkey that cannot be returned?

Nope, any product purchased from Audio Monkey can be returned within 30 days of receipt.

Refund of the amount paid for a returned good

If the order is paid, we will refund the amount paid within a maximum of 14 (fourteen) days from when you told us you want to return the product. Anyway, know that you will receive the money much faster, if only our colleagues from accounting find time to make the payment.

However, we reserve the right to delay refunding the amount until we receive the returned goods in order to assess their condition.

For individuals, the amount will be returned to the account indicated by you.

Return conditions for legal entities

In the case of legal entities, the law does not stipulate the right of return for online purchases, instead we also offer legal entities the opportunity to return any product purchased on the website.

For legal entities, the amount will be returned in the form of a voucher equal to the value of the returned product that can be used for other purchases on the website. The received voucher cannot be converted into money.