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Key features

  • 1 x 25 mm C-CAM Gold Dome tweeter with optimized Waveguide
  • 1 x 4" C-CAM mid-range driver
  • 120 – 25,000 Hz
Tech specs

Greutate produs

2.5 kg

Dimensiuni produs

152 mm h x 166 mm L x 242 mm W

Alte specificații

Description: Boxing on two horses
High speakers: 1 x 25 mm C-CAM Gold Dome tweeter with optimized Waveguide
Mid-bass speakers: 1 x 4" C-CAM mid-range driver
Frequency response: 120 – 25,000 Hz
Sensitivity (2.83V/1m): 86dB
Recommended power: 10 — 60 W
Nominal impedance: 8 ohms
Crossover frequency: 2,500 Hz
Speaker type: Surround speakers

Garanție (luni)


General presentation of Monitor Audio Bronze AMS speakers

Dolby Atmos brings soundtracks to life by surrounding the listener with sound that moves with vivid three-dimensional realism. When you place the Atmos speaker module on one of the complementary Bronze speakers, you will experience a new world of sound.
Monitor Audio's first Dolby Atmos speaker module features a 25mm C-CAM Gold Dome tweeter with optimized waveguide and a 4" C-CAM mid-bass driver to deliver an entertainment experience on the move.
With Dolby Atmos, sounds are no longer constrained by channels, and can be placed and moved precisely in a three-dimensional space. A new sensation of height immerses the listener in the action, producing a complete sound atmosphere.
Dolby Atmos renders everything from dialogue to action sound with clarity, detail and depth. Everything is brought together in a sound that will delight the senses. The up-firing speaker was designed to be placed on top of the Bronze 50 and Bronze 200 speakers. As it has the same footprint, it can also be paired with the Silver 50 and Silver 200, and can further be used as a high-firing speaker in a home cinema configuration.

Key features
- The Monitor Audio C-CAM Gold Dome tweeter which features the new Optimized Waveguide technology, allows the directivity of the tweeter to be controlled to maximize the amount of sound reflected from the ceiling while minimizing the sound directly to the listener. This produces a lively sound and a convincing source of highs.
- Dolby Atmos mode used to reflect the sound from the ceiling in a home cinema system to produce another dimension
- Designed to fit and be placed perfectly on the Bronze 50 and Bronze 200 speakers for use with any home cinema AV system
- Can be positioned directly on top of the front and/or rear speakers in a configuration with two or four Dolby Atmos speakers
- Sealed enclosure - for precise performance
- Wall mounts included for easy installation and flush-to-wall placement [when mounted on a wall, the speaker no longer works with Dolby Atmos principles
- Minimalistic design and can be used as separate surround height speakers
- The same imprint as Silver 50 and Silver 200

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