QED Reference Audio 40 cable 1 meter

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Size: 1 meter
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Key features

  • Reference Audio 40 is a high-performance RCA-RCA interconnect cable, launched on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the innovative British company QED.
  • The Reference range is one of the most innovative cables designed by QED: it uses silver-plated copper conductors twisted in an asymmetrical configuration, OFC copper shielding, ferrite sheath and Analoc™ connectors.
Tech specs

Alte specificații

Capacity: 76pF/m
Inductance: 0.37uH/m
Material: silver plated copper ( OFC 99.999% )
Cable type: Interconnect
Other features: Loop resistance: 0.072 Ω/m
Dissipation Factor: 0.0059

asymmetric geometry
copper shielding
jacket made of Zn/Mn ferrite
Analogoc™ gold plated RCA connectors

General presentation QED Reference Audio 40 cable

The British company QED launched the Audio 40 range on the occasion of the anniversary of 40 years of activity and continuous innovation in the field of audio and video cables.

All the cables in the Audio 40 range are based on a new concept that mainly aims at obtaining a very low capacity, a factor considered by QED to be a decisive one.

Complementary Conductor Technology™
Two conductors of different diameters are used to transmit the same signal. Thus, an alternative path is provided for the high frequency signal. The geometry is quasi-balanced, both small and large diameter conductors are twisted.

Polyethylene-based foam dielectric (Foamed Polyethylene Dielectric)
This type of dielectric is used to prevent signal losses due to cable capacitance.

RCA Analog™ connectors
Analoc™ is the new RCA connector model developed by QED. This connector uses small elements made of high purity OFC copper instead of using massive bronze elements. QED believes that these brass elements modify the magnetic field and favor the appearance of eddy currents. The Analogoc system is provided with a lock, the plug is turned clockwise to unlock and counter-clockwise to lock. By locking, the pressing force is significantly increased and the contact is much better.

QED Reference Audio 40 cables have an OFC copper shield as well as a Zn/Mn ferrite jacket

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