ProJect Q Up Pi

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Key features

  • ProJect Q Up is an automatic lift that raises the arm at the end of the disc.
  • It can be mounted on almost any manual pickup, without tools, without screws, without drilling!
  • ProJect Q Up has a contact that is touched when the arm reaches the end of the disc and a simple lifting mechanism is triggered.
  • The motor will continue to run, but the needle will no longer be in contact with the disk.
  • The mechanism is purely mechanical - no batteries or power supply required
  • The mechanism is adjustable and comes with three risers with which it can be adapted for a wide variety of pickups.
  • Compatibility: Q Up Pi can only be used together with swivel arm pickups. It cannot be used in the case of tangential arms.
  • There needs to be a space of 14 mm between the plate and the arm. It is necessary to have a space of at least 36 mm between the arm and the plinth so that the device can fit
  • It does not fit Technics SL-1200, AudioTechnica AT-LP 120 or AT-LP 1240, nor with models dedicated to DJs (Stanton) - there is no space between the base of the arm and the turntable.
  • It can be used with the Audio Technica AT-LP 5 as well as with the vast majority of ProJect, NAD, Rega, Thorens, Clear Audio, EAT, Music Hall pickups...
  • For correct use, you need to make some fine adjustments:
  • On the back of the device is a button that adjusts the force with which the arm is raised (the higher it is, the smoother the rise will be). If the arm rises too suddenly, then the applied force is too high and must be reduced!
  • On the front of the device, under the lift, there is a button that adjusts the position in which the device is triggered (raised to the maximum, the button deactivates the device)

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